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Silent Petrol Generator
Silent Petrol Generator are the compact and highly rigid electro mechanical machines that consists of a four stroke gasoline powered spark ignition engine gives mechanical power to the generator to generate electricity which can be used in commercial and industrial applications.
Silent LPG-PNG generator
We are offering high performance Silent LPG/PNG generator that are designed and developed by using highly durable and reliable electricity generation devices that gives an output voltage of 220 volt with a frequency of 50 Hertz.
Silent kerosene generator
Our company deals in the manufacturing and supplying of premium grade Silent Kerosene Generator that are widely used in industrial as well as commercial applications to give power to the electrically driven machines and lightening systems.
Petrol generator
Petrol generator manufactured and supplied by us are especially designed for the industrial grade machines to provide sufficient electrical voltage for their efficient operation. They are available in many different designs with different working capacities.
LPG-PNG generator
LPG/PNG generator offered by our company are available in many different variants with a power rating in between 2 to 8 Kilo volt ampere. They are mounted on a rigid frame provided with castor wheels which make them portable.
Portable Weilding Generator Petrol
PORTABLE WELDING GENERATOR (PETROL) are the special kind of industrial grade power generation machine that are used to energize the transformer coils for the welding operations. These machineries are available in many different models with output capacity in between 150to 350 ampere.
Portable Weilding Generator Diesel
PORTABLE WELDING GENERATOR DIESEL are the light weight mechanical to electrical power generation units that are especially designed for the industrial applications to provide standard electric voltage of 220 volts for the efficient working of the machines.
E - Rickshaw Generator Charger
E - Rickshaw Generator Charger availed by us are especially designed to generate standardized voltage which can further be used for the charging of the battery packs installed with the vehicle. They are equipped with high performance equipment which results in efficient and long time run.

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